About Me

My name is Kristine Shackelford, and I have been tutoring from my home in Fallbrook for the past years.

I am one of few private tutors in Fallbrook. I teach students from kindergarten all the way to college in a wide variety of subjects. My schedule is very flexible and can easily accommodate your needs.


I graduated from UCLA as a Phi Beta Kappa member. I received my bachelor's degree in social science.

Teaching Experience

I taught at a public school for eight years, then moved on to work at a learning center for another eight years. I helped design 1st - 6th grade math and writing curriculum as a writing specialist.

  • General Math 1-6th
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Alegbra I & II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • and more...
  • Biology
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Earth Science
  • Health
  • and more...
  • Reading Comprehension Skills
  • Writing 1-12th Grade
  • Grammar
  • and more...
  • SAT I & II
  • ACT
  • College Résumés
  • College Essays
  • and more...
  • LSAT
  • STAR Testing
  • Math Placement Tests
  • English Placement Tests
  • Community College Placement Tests
  • University Placement Tests
  • and more...
  • Spanish I, II, & III
  • and more...
  • California Highway Patrol Entrance Test
  • CBEST(for teachers)
  • and more...
  • Math 15, 50, 57, 60, & 100
  • English 100
  • and more...

"Knowledge is power!"

Past Students

Highly Recommended!

"... In my personal experiences with Mrs. Shackelford, students who report to her regularly, show double the growth of those who need assistance but do not seek it out."

".... Students walk away from Mrs. Shackelford's with new-found confidence in their skills due to her attention to detail and passion for teaching. I highly recommend the services that she provides."

Mrs. Tabitha Stillman ~ Bonsall Union School District (GATE/CLAD/GLAD Educator, M.A.Ed.)

Thanks So Much!

"... Thanks to her tutoring, I'm now looking to graduate in the summer of 2015. I highly recommend Kris to bring your scores up and to better your future."

Diane Hartcorn

You Are Amazing!

"I've been going to Mrs. Shackelford since 3rd grade, and I'm about to graduate high school. She tutored me in all my subjects and in a way that I understand."

Trevor Walker


"I started going to Mrs. Shackelford in 6th grade and I'm now an honor student thanks to her encouragement and help. She has also recommended the correct classes to take next year so I'll be able to attend a prestigious university."


Thank You!

"Mrs. Shackelford has tutored me for 6 years so far and has helped me in math, science, English, and history. She is currently helping me in my Spanish II and economics class. I am graduating one year earlier from high school with an A average thanks to her help."

Lance Walker

Thank You!

"I have been using Kris Shackelford as a tutor for 1 year. Both my kids love going to her because she is loving, encouraging and she makes learning fun. She has taught them reading comprehension skills and math. Both kids have raised their grades significantly. One was in danger of failing, and now he is excelling."



"I've been going to Mrs. Shackelford's since last year. I had a C- in geometry, and she helped me get it up to a B+. She explains all the math concepts in color on a white board and goes over them until I understand. She has really helped me, and she's very positive and encouraging. She's also helped me improve my writing skills."



"I started going to Mrs. Shackelford this year for help in pre-calculus and she has really helped me understand the subject. My grade has greatly improved, and she is very positive and reassuring. She has taught me test taking strategies that have really helped and has also told me what classes to take for college. Now she is tutoring my younger brother who's in 7th grade, and helping him with his math."

"Anyone can be successful!"